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     IFR air traffic control began in the prairies in the mid 1940's from a small office near the present Western Canada Aviation Museum. In 1956 the ACC relocated to a small building near the present Air Canada Cargo terminal. In 1962 the ACC relocated again, this time to the administration building at the "new" airport terminal building at Winnipeg International. In May 1988, WG ACC moved to its present off-airport site at 777 Moray Street.

     In the beginning... Not all of the controllers who joined the service in the early forties passed through classes at St. Hubert, Quebec. August 1, 1930 - R100 lands at St. Hubert In those days a written examination was the main criterion for a licence and many controllers joined ATC through WG Tower 1940 self-study and on-the-job training. Nelson Harvey was working in the Meteorological Office in Winnipeg and remembers; "I went up to the tower when it was completed in August, 1940, and thought it would be a great place to work. So I put in an application for a transfer". Harvey, and his friend Bill Kellough, received salaries of $110 at the "Met" office. They had heard that ATC people would receive "the then magnificent wage of $160 a month". Harvey's first application was turned down. He recalls: "There was a feeling at the time that only a pilot could tell another pilot how to safely approach an airport". But, with the war on, pilots could command big prices elsewhere. Many were drawn to flight instructor's jobs. Some, like Don McVicar, found their way into Ferry Command - extraordinary private initiative to deliver aircraft to Europe.

     In early 1940, McVicar arrived at Winnipeg to be Chief of the Air Traffic Control Tower: "a grand sounding proposition with only one drawback - the tower had yet to be built". Winnipeg tower was rushed to completion in September 1940. It was a sixteen foot square box, built on four metal legs, reached by an open staircase. Shortly thereafter, McVicar would resign to take up a career as a pilot with the BCATP. By late 1941, he was one of the mixed bag of professionals flying for Ferry Command, taking aircraft across the untried Atlantic. There, if you lived to collect it, the pay was $1000 a month - six times the going rate for ATC.

     Nelson Harvey and his friend Bill Kellough re-applied for positions as controllers, pointing out that being airport "Met" officers meant working in close contact with the problems of pilots. Both of them were called up to Winnipeg tower on July 1st, 1941, as there was no time to send the new recruits to Montréal. They trained on the job. Says Harvey: "The only manual I remember was a copy of Air Regulations. We were trained with verbal instructions". In three weeks, Harvey's training was completed. "By July 21st, I was 'checked out' and took over as an operator - quite a responsibility considering that we usually worked one man to a shift".

     During the war, the rule was non-stop work. Claude WG ACC 1943 Brereton regularly spent weeks on end without a break, flying back and forth between shifts at Malton and Dorval, grabbing some sleep in a big armchair in the lobby of the Mount Royal Hotel when beds weren't available. "There was a war on," says Brereton of the experience. Dorval was the hub of Ferry Command operations, starting point for the transatlantic route east through Gander or Goose Bay to Europe. "Sometimes we had planes staged 10 minutes apart all the way around the route from Ottawa to Detroit and back because there was no place left to park" recalls Brereton, recreating the scene at Dorval where warplanes covered the entire runway infield. Brereton remembers the veteran foreign pilots in Ferry Command - exile fighters from national air forces overrun by the Germans: "Sometimes we kept a person in the tower who could speak several European languages to help out". In 1944 Claude Brereton would get some relief himself with a permanent posting to head the new Area Control Centre in Winnipeg which became active late in 1944.

      By October, 1948, 170± members of the Department of Transport were assigned to ATC work. Four of them were in headquarters, 44 were IFR controllers, 74 were VFR controllers. There were about 48 assistant controllers.

Winnipeg ACC  Chief - Claude Brereton
Controllers - Bill Kellough, Dudley Dorsett, Charles Lenaghan, Rolly Porter
Assistants - Rocky A. Forcese, Bert Sandberg, Gerry Pugh

Winnipeg Tower  Chief - Nelson "Nels" Harvey
Controllers - Norm McLeod, Hank Batt, Vic Skinner, L.E. Duke, Doug McLennan
Assistants - Beth Russell, F.A. Saunders, M.O. Sutherland

      During 1955, Claude Brereton, Nels Harvey and their fellow controllers decided that they'd had enough traffic Claude Brereton volume, plus military training). Their jobs had become impossible. Claude Brereton sent a letter to headquarters advising that his controllers could no longer cope with the traffic flow and provide safe air traffic control service. Controllers backed up the letter with a threat to stop work. On Jan. 26, Brereton met with senior representatives of the RCAF and officers from the Department of Transport Air Traffic Control section in Ottawa, including Ian Barrowman and Roy Mattern.

      Using charts, overlays and flight progress strip summaries, the centre chief outlined the hazardous state of ATC at Winnipeg. To remedy the situation, he proposed that the RCAF divert a Ground Controlled Approach (GCA) radar system that was being built for the military airport at Trenton, Ontario, to Winnipeg. He also insisted that one of the scopes be wired into the control tower. Although Brereton knew that the Department was planning to introduce medium and long range radar across Canada, he made the point that the Winnipeg ATC system could not tolerate the wait for the usual methodical approach by Ottawa. They needed something now. Brereton's presentation must have been effective. The Department of Transport and the RCAF responded immediately. Military GCA equipment came to the field, and one scope was wired into the tower. "The first time we looked at the traffic on radar, it scared the shit out of us. The scope confirmed our worst fears about what was going on up there" said Jack Dods.

     Controllers, assistants, regional school and administration people are all included and are listed by date of ACC checkout or when they joined. A controller's or OSS's operating initials are left of their name while their instructor's operating initials are on the right. If a person transferred in from another IFR unit or ACC, or transferred out, then this information is also displayed. Kenora radar controllers were always considered as WG ACC control staff. Unit Chiefs, now called General Managers, are the only people highlighted as they serve to define the chronology of the ACC.

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1944 -----------------------------------------------------------
   CB  Claude Brereton                      from YZ    
   BR  Bruce Robinson                       from UL     to VR
   JM  Jack McClure                         from UL     to EG
   AL  Alex Alubet
   RN  Rennie Neale
1949 -----------------------------------------------------------
   DD  Dudley "Dud" Dorsett
   CL  Charlie Lenaghan                     from UL
   BK  Bill Kellough
   RP  Rolly Porter
       Nels Harvey
1950 -----------------------------------------------------------
   SM  Bert "Senator" Sandberg
   RC  Rocky Forcese
       Gerry Pugh
   HB  Henry Gair "Hank" Batt
1954 -----------------------------------------------------------
   BT  Bob Turner
   RP  Ray Peden
   GS  George "Geester" Smith          
   WM  Bill Merlin
   WC  Bill Cottrell
   NA  Norm Addaway
   JM  Jack Murphy
   ET  Cy Thornley
   DC  Don "Torchy" Cowan
   FG  Fred Ginter
1955 -----------------------------------------------------------
   BM  Bob Mobray
   WM  Bill "Wild Bill" McConnell
   HW  Herb Waters
   CT  Cy Thornley
   SB  Sid Bowers
   EF  Ev Foresland
   Louise Zimmerman
   CH  Tom Hayes
   LD  Les Driver
   BS  BIll Shankland
   MQ  Marg Quinn
   DD  Don Deally
   GD  Glen Downes
   JS  Jack Saunders
   JK  Jim Hepner
1956 -----------------------------------------------------------
   HM  Harry Mengel
     Jan  3 - WG Approach Control began: H.Batt, J.Dods, M.Sutherland, N.Harvey
       Cynthia Howell
   LB  Larry Beaudry
   SH  Scotty Hamilton                                  to HQ
   EH  Ted Cheetham
   JD  John David "JD" Lyon                             to HQ
1957 -----------------------------------------------------------
   ER  Beth Russell
   RR  Rosemary Riddel
   LA  Al Sutherland             RJ
   JD  John Datzkiw
     Mar 30 - Air Traffic Control Division came into existence. CC Bogart Chief
     Apr  1 - Medical Rates from $3.30 to $8.20 (up from $2.75 to $6.50)
   CF  Chuck Page
   JO  Joe Downie
   LB  Les Bryan
   NH  Nels Harvey
   HD  Herb Dugan
   GM  Glen Mead
   PB  Paul Sutton
   AV  Al Vanderpont
   JC  Jim Conway
   JD  Jack Dods
   MR  Bob Milehan
   RJ  Dick Carriere                                    to HQ
   CM  Claire Markovich
   GW  Gwynn Williams
   TR  Roy Cushway                                      to XE
   AC  Al Cockrem
   DG  Derrall "Gundy" Gunderson EH
   JA  Jim Allardyce                                    to VR
   CA  Arnold Cancilla
   MO  Mo Sutherland
   FM  Fred Mallon
   WT  Bill Thomson                                     to VR
   CJ  Cliff Johanson
   JA  Bob Wonacott
   JW  Joe Watson
1958 -----------------------------------------------------------
   BW  Bryan West                ND                     to EG
   RH  Ron Hart
     Jan 22 - ACC: "Do not push tilt button - too cold and will cause damage..."
   DX  Don Edwards
   ET  Ernie Thornquist
     Mar 10 - WG VOR commissioned
   GE  George Evans
   KB  Ken Baskin                                       to EG
   DL  Lyall Davidson
   HM  Hank McClure
   GM  Gus Morier                                       to UL
   JB  Jack Brown
   BJ  Bill Jashewski
   ER  Ed Romanik Sr.
   DW  Don Wilson
   HG  Gord Hole                                        to VR
     Dec 22 - Moved to new IFR room (built a second floor onto the old building)
1959 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JA  Jim Allardyce                                    to YJ
     Jan  5 - Approach control operational
     Jan  8 - Departure control operational
   AL  Al Chance
   EM  Joe Mayo
   SD  Dale "Stinky" Stinson
   VV  Ed Vincent
   JB  Jim Bradley
   AJ  Bert Puls
   JR  Jack Reid                 DM
   KP  Kjell Sundin
   DT  Dave "2 mile" Tustin
   RP  Ray Pilgrim
   DM  Don Morton
   WS  Bill Schwartz
   BC  Bill Cholydylo
1960 -----------------------------------------------------------
   GA  George Alexander
   PH  Pat Halpin                                       to HQ
   KK  Ken Kirton
   GL  Greg Leitch
   EL  Eric Lucas
   AP  George Piedalue                                  to VR
   GP  Gus Powaschuk
   TJ  Tom Jones
   AD  Art Derbyshire                                   to XE
   BL  Bryce Llewellyn
   DE  Doug Ellis
   FH  Frank Schultz
   CS  Cliff Strachan
   VS  Vic Skinner                                     
   DO  Duane "Swede" Olson                              to QX
   CF  Clair Fyfe
   BM  Bruce McEwan
   AO  Al Otto                                          to VRZ
     Jul 17 - Kenora RADAR in service
     Aug 18 - ACC: "Spoke with Capt. Cooley re: interference from upstairs maid..."
   DD  Don DeCuypere                                    to HQ
   DH  Dale Hannah               HR
     Oct 23 - TC851 1st Jet Service from YZ-WG (DC-8)
   EB  Emil Bryksa                                      to XE
   PD  Paul Danyluk
1961 -----------------------------------------------------------
   BA  Bruce Alexander
   ND  Norm Dyck                                        to VR
   PR  Paul Rutta
   EW  Ed Weinheimer                                    to HQ
   RZ  Ralph Frith               DF
   GK  Gerry Kopeke
   HP  Harold Siemens
1962 -----------------------------------------------------------
   HT  Tom Hubbard
   LK  Les Kingdon
   GP  George Price                                     to QT
   DS  Doug Skerritt
   DF  Don Fisher
   TF  Tom Freestone                                    to HQ
   ED  Ed Holt
   WF  Ted Fudge Sr.                        from QR
1963 -----------------------------------------------------------
   AH  Al Holt
   GT  Gerry Terry
   MS  Marty Stieger                                    to XE
   GR  Gerry Mead                DW
1964 -----------------------------------------------------------
   CR  Ron Anderson                                     to XE
   CJ  Jack Cardey               HP
   JD  Jim Douglas               GA
   NS  Orval Sneve
   BT  Barry Tulloch
   BM  Bill Molloy
   WG  Wally Galka
   SD  Stu Dewar                                        to VR
   RM  Ron McFarlane
1965 -----------------------------------------------------------
   LS  Larry Schellenberg                               to QR
   ET  Elmer Tomecek                                    to YR
   LP  Lorraine Brisebois
1966 -----------------------------------------------------------
   VJ  Val Sartisohn                                    to VR
   JN  Joel "Joe" Nelson                                to HQ
   BE  Ben Oakden
1967 -----------------------------------------------------------
   PR  Gil Richard
   GK  Grant Downes              MB
   TH  Tom Heinrichs
   EB  Ed Baskin
   AK  Anna Kszywiecki           PR
   KF  Kathy Fordham
1968 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JK  John Kmet
   WG  Garth Doerksen
   JR  Jack Riedlinger                                  to QR
     Mar 18 - QK: "Complete power failure - suggest unit acquire a flashlight..."
   GP  Gary Picton               GN
1969 -----------------------------------------------------------
   SR  Ray Stewart               LL
   BD  Blake Doerksen            JC
   ME  Mike Evaschesen           JO
   WW  Bill Whiteside
   DW  Dennis Wocks                                     to VR
   DR  Bob Girouard              MB
1970 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JM  Jim McCallum                                     to YC
   AC  Al Cook                                          to QR
   TY  Tom Bingham
   DR  Dave Armour                          from YZ     to YJ
   GN  Gary Hrehorak             LP
   JE  Jim Kouk                  DO
   MD  Dave Mitchell             DT
1971 -----------------------------------------------------------
   DK  Dennis Knelson                                   to EG
   KJ  John Keiller
   BT  Bill Telford
   TM  Terry Bobby               ET
     Feb 26 - 1st AC B747 flight through WG airspace
   RO  Ron Ominski               GW
   YY  Dave Hannon               GV
   BM  Bob Mercer                DT
   GS  Glen Shewfelt             DG
   SR  Rennie Smith              JW
   PD  Bud Peterson
   DM  Dennis Molloy             YY                     to HQ
   HR  Ron Hewett                VI
1972 -----------------------------------------------------------
   CB  Cliff Berryere
       Joyce Dolding
   DN  John Degelman
   RH  Rick Harris               HG                     to EG
   GP  Grant Price                                      to HQ
   MB  Mike Budrow
   HP  Herb Page                            from QM     to HQ
   WW  Wayne Coutts              DD                     to QR
   DS  Duncan Stewart                       from QT
   SL  Steve Denike
   WB  Bob Willis                                       to VR
   LH  Garry Hollier             JE         from QT
   GV  Garry Vermeulen                      from QR
   BE  Bruce Amell               EW/KK      from XE
1973 -----------------------------------------------------------
   TT  Tom Taylor
   DS  Dave Sherstone            GA
   RS  Ron Kozak                 WW
   DH  Doug Henault              TM
   GA  Garry Saunders            EZ
1974 -----------------------------------------------------------
       Joe Danyluk
   KD  Mike Duncan
       Linda Udell
   GH  Gerry Holmstrom           GA
   RB  Rick "Stick" Bunn         TL
   CB  Bill Jory                 GK
   BW  Bob Ward                  JD
   LD  Len Daczko                                       to VR
   DM  Don Myers                                        to HQ
   MI  Mike Langhan              KP
   KN  Ken Racette
   LA  Larry Lacasse                                    to TCTI
   PW  Phil Laing                DH
   WD  Doug Hazlitt              GN
   AW  Arnold Wallace            LP
1975 -----------------------------------------------------------
       Laura Bangs
   DE  George Degroot
   CD  Chris Dilay
       Linda Goral
   WM  Bill Haufschild
   TK  Tim Kelly
   RW  Bob Williams              JD
   KW  Kerry Williams
   HN  Dave Harding              ST
   BH  Bryan Hodge               PR
   JC  John Kroeker              DT
   HU  Hugh McCallum                        from UL     to HQ
   CR  Ron Chase                 DG
   LS  Larry Stuart              EM
   RK  Ralph Johnson             MB
   RJ  Reg Jones                                        to VR
       Mary-Jean Watson
   ZR  Ron Zurba                 GS
   RG  Ron Greenwood             FH
1976 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JB  John Bauer                                       to VR
   JN  John Nixon                SL
   JJ  Phil Gies                 JD         from UL
   PS  Don Spurrill              MB
   LP  Laurie Pitcher            BE
   MM  Don Mogk                  GR
   PB  Paul Dyck                 DF
   XX  Ed Sprague                                       to HQ
   EG  Al Graham                                        to VR
   BR  Bernie Hide               BW
   CF  Carl Fisher               DO
   DX  Doug Brereton             KK         from YZ
1977 -----------------------------------------------------------
       Claudette Campbell
   DD  Randy Wood
   DF  Don MacLean                          from UL     to HQ
   NG  Garth Nosworthy           BR
     May 10 - ICCS commissioned in the ACC and WG Tower (only tower with ICCS)
   GF  Gord Fines                LH
   BN  Bruce Nahorny             MD
   HG  Helmut Goossen            BE
   RT  Tony Michaels             GA                     to EG
   RP  Rob Milne                 HR
   CE  Cam Emond                 WD                     to HO
1978 -----------------------------------------------------------
   DL  Doug Lund                            from QK
       Sherri Sigurdson                                 to AV
   WH  Glen Horoshok             JW
   GD  Graeme Boyd               BE
   ST  Steve Toth                LA                     to EG
   TW  Bill Smith                VV
   GO  Gord Onieu                JA                     to EG
   RM  Ron McFarlane                                   
   RW  Rich Winton               KP
1979 -----------------------------------------------------------
   KQ  Kay Quinn                 DG
   MS  Marv Schiissler           LP
       Terry Pettinger
   LL  Larrie Lemon              DE
1980 -----------------------------------------------------------
   FH  Frank Hayden                                     to EG
   HM  Harry Maister             GA                     to EG
   CC  Matt McCarthy             BE                     to EG
   BM  Bill Moore                                       to VR
   JP  Jim Pischak               MB                     to EG
   BP  Bob Power                                        to XE
   BG  Brian "Goody" Gudmundson  DG         from QT
   IG  Ian Gordon                DN
   MA  Marie Marquardt           GN
       Sharon Chaiksoski
   HJ  Harry Salmijarvi          GA
   XR  Gary Read                 ED
   AC  Dave Colhoun              GO                     to VR
   TA  Terry Arnold              TB
   FK  Frank Kratt               PB
1981 -----------------------------------------------------------
   DB  Barry Dundas              GS
   NH  Norm Hill                 KW
   LA  Al Sutherland             RJ                    
   RN  Ron Konzelman             DN
   LR  Linda Reeves              GN
   SE  Stan Enns                 PB
1982 -----------------------------------------------------------
   KC  Ken Carey                 FH                     to VR
   TB  Terry Bartley             DD         from XE     to NCTI
     Feb 2 - JETS commissioned in WG ACC
   WB  Wayne Burnside            FK
   DL  Dave Lethbridge           AC
   RR  Rod Ridley                TB
   VW  Vern Warkentin            GO
   GB  Garry Brown               PW
   MG  Greg Mager                NH
   ES  Paul Schroeder            LL
   BT  Brian Turick              MA
   RL  Richard Loeppky           KJ                     to HQ
1983 -----------------------------------------------------------
   BB  Bob Bowman
   TC  Nelson Greene             TM                     to VR
   CW  Craig Winchar             PW
   BE  Ed Burrows                PB                     to YZ
   GN  Georgina Naismith                                to VR
   SG  Greg Sexsmith                        from QT
   RF  Ron Wilcox                DX                     to VR
   RM  Bob McIvor                JP
     July 23 - AC143 YOW-YEG 0138Z, forced landing at GM: the "Gimli Glider"
   DS  Dave Stirling             FH                     to VR
   RC  Rick Chant
   FB  Fuzz Bhimji
   BA  Brian Alexander           BH
   DM  Doug Meakin               DR
   RD  Ron Dobson                DG
   WK  Wayne Kotylak                                    to QR
   VS  Vic Shura                 GV                     to XE
   TR  Ron Taylor                TW
   ER  Ed Romanik Jr.            DD
1984 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JF  Jim Froese                KJ                     to EG
   MJ  Marcel Melanson           JB         from OW     to QX
   BL  Steve Blackler            RK                     to HO
   CG  Doug Glennie              DF
   JC  Jim Castello              TA                     to VR
   WC  Bill Cottrell                                   
   RD  Ruth Diespecker           GN
     Apr 13 - Transport Minister L.Axworthy announces new ACC building for Winnipeg
   JO  Roberta Johnson           RB                     to HQ
   MC  Cindy Westphal            DX
   TL  Terry Lewis               PW
   NE  Norm Newton               MS         from QM
   ZB  Ben Baker                 TA         from QX
   MR  Rick McCarvill            TA
   WT  Bill Taylor
1985 -----------------------------------------------------------
   PM  Paul Milette                                     to UL
   AS  Art Schrot                DB
   HS  Hans Mertins              BA
   TF  Tom Roloff                LA
   WW  Reg Webb                  CB
1986 -----------------------------------------------------------
   GI  Gary Ross                 KC
   AF  Ted Fudge Jr.             WG
   WK  Kevin Wallace             TW
       Jo Martin
   LA  Lorne Anderson            DS         from BB
       Graham Gordon                        from QM     to ARU
   CC  Cathy Collins                                    to UL
   FT  Terry Fergusson           HN
1987 -----------------------------------------------------------
       Angie Brooks
   IR  Roger Loiselle            HM
1988 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JA  Jim Allardyce                                    to YJ
   LD  Luc Desilets                                     to UL
   PF  Pierre Forest             JO                     to UL
   AG  Alan Gray                 BE                     to UL
   HH  Helene Henry                                     to UL
   PS  Pierre Senecal            RC                     to UL
       Louise Davies                                    to VR
   MP  Mike Przednowek           WM
     May 30 - New ACC commissioned @ 1700z
   EB  Eldon Buck                           from OW     to HQ
   UK  Donna Hanischuk           IR
1989 -----------------------------------------------------------
   GP  Gilles Peloquin           NE
   VG  Eric Glass                BL
       John Lee
   DA  Darren Anderson           TB
   SD  Dave Sellner              DD
   LJ  Lindsay Johnson           RF
   MR  Rick McCarvill            JN
1990 -----------------------------------------------------------
   LB  Brian Leblanc             RC
   YS  Ray Selby                 RX
   SS  Steve Sykes               BG
   BB  Brenda Boulet             NJ
   DW  Dave Wilson               MR
   FR  Jeff Reed                 HS
   FD  Frank Berard              ST
   SH  Sharon Collins            ST
   RA  Brad Magnusson            YS
   NJ  Jason Noordman            MP
   TG  Scott Roger               GD
1991 -----------------------------------------------------------
   HD  Harvey Dalzell            FT
   KF  Kevin Findlay             RB
   DV  Dave Doerksen             TB
   DE  Dave Dekker               WK
       Liz Carter
   AJ  Jim Power                 YY         from QR
       Donna Reeves
   RX  Randy Baert               HP
   AD  Dave Hruska               GH/ME
   MB  Mike Budrow               JD                    
   PH  Phil Waite                FT
   JX  John Laugesen             GD         from VR
       Adelle Farkas
1992 -----------------------------------------------------------
   EZ  Lloyd Pascoe              RD         from YZ
   GS  Glenn Schwartz                                   to QR
   MT  Mike Bertrand             TL
   FW  Fred Westphal             GI
   JW  Jim Warkentin             ST
   LC  Tony Yakimovich           IR
   DD  Dave Demarcke             RB
   HI  Donovan Hill              JN
   KS  Keith Stilborn            DX
   BP  Blaine Peterson           LJ
1993 -----------------------------------------------------------
       Bernie MacDonald
   AG  Anthony Guarino           DA
   KR  Dave Kramble              GI
   KD  Kirk Dellebuur            YY
      Juanita Giesbrecht
     Apr 18 - Kenora Enroute Radar Unit located to WG ACC
   JM  Jeff McLaren                                     to HO
   AL  Al Gruno                             from QT
   GK  Gord Kempe                TU
   PM  Pat Maa                   BG         from QT
   TK  Wes Tanchuk               DW
   TU  Neil Greaves              ZR         from QT
   MY  Mark McNeilly             BG
     Jul 12 - Thunder Bay Terminal Control Unit located to WG ACC
       Anne Schoenfeld
   LY  Steve Molloy              TA
   PT  Pete Thompson             FT
       Helene Arnould
   GE  Grant Engel               AJ         from QR
   RH  Randy Hepner              AJ         from QR
     Oct 17 - Regina Terminal Control Unit located to WG ACC
   KB  Kelly Becker              GM         from QR
   GL  Jason Lamond              GX         from QR
   MN  Dave MacLennan            GX/GV      from QR
   GX  Garry Sitter
   BY  Richard Briand            LR         from XE
   DK  Darryl Kotelmach                     from XE
1994 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JA  John Austin                          from XE
   BC  Colin Baribeau            KB         from XE
   JF  John Favreau              MN/DG      from XE
   CK  Curtis Kirsch             KB         from XE
   GO  Garnet Ottenbreit         GL         from XE
   SI  Dennis Smid                          from XE
       Colleen Budgell
     Jan 16 - Saskatoon Terminal Control Unit located to WG ACC
   RJ  Bob Gibson                FW
   TS  Tom Storey                WH
       Phil Brown
       Florence Hanslip
       Brad Whitson  
   KT  Tom Kresnyak              WK         from EG
   PR  Rod Martens               AJ/GI
   JP  Jean-Paul Lagace-Wiens    BG
   KS  Keith Stillborn
   TK  Wes Tanchuk               FT/DW
1995 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JV  Joel Van Gorp             DX/AF
       Gail Hirst
   CL  Dave Coolen               LJ                     to YZ
   GC  Glenn Clark               DG                    
   JK  Jerry Klebanowski         RJ
   RV  Randy Murray              HY         from THZ
   GW  Wolfgang Garten           WM
       Brian Wachko
   DY  Wendell Dyck              GP/TA
   KE  Kevin Slobogian           CB         from XEZ
   HW  Jerry Brodt               DV
       Sharon Ingles
       Bob Roos
   GM  Grant McDonald            GL         from QR
   OM  Tom Kissock               ST
       Kelly Stafeckis
   SC  Dan Schaefer              TG
1996 -----------------------------------------------------------
   EV  Ed Barnes                 TB
       Linda Fehr
   JM  Al Bailey                 ST
       Dennis Letkeman
   PI  Piero Ignagni             AD
       Bernie LaRochelle
   EC  Duane Clefstad                                   to NCTI
   WJ  Joe Watts                 LJ/MN
     Nov 1 - NAVCANADA begins operation
   SZ  Rod Shantz                TU/LE
   NI  Mike Nelson               BG
1997 -----------------------------------------------------------
   SJ  Shelley Jensen            DI         from XE
   DO  Derek Dowsett             GD/TG
   ND  Norm Dyck                 VW         from OW
   CM  Michelle McArthur                    from OW
       Peter Kiefer
   LE  Lee Valiquette            CK
   DC  Doug Cowlthorp            GO         from TH FSS
   GA  Gary Chisholm             RR
   SN  Sean Daulat               DW
   CY  Darcy Arnold              DS/RS
   RC  Ron Dyck                  BP/HI
1998 -----------------------------------------------------------
   PE  Pat Mersereau             PI/TK
   BE  Brent Eliasson            DG/CG
   CD  Ron Chev                  TF/TS
   RF  Ryan Fines                VW/ND
       Jeff Lutz
   SP  Damir Stipanovic          PR/KR
   NA  Neil Adamson              JV/AD
   WC  Craig Wilkins             MT/PR
   BJ  Brian Juskow              LE/EV
       Bob Hart
   LU  Linda Surgenor            GE/RH
   FA  Fred Arbuckle             TB
   FC  Fred Cosgrove             RV/FK
   RO  Ron Dyck
   KL  Jerry Klassen             KC/FD
   PM  Pete Marrier              DM
   MI  Mike Moore                MR
   JS  Jason Shadbolt            TU
   GT  Garvin Taylor             HN
   JT  Jeff Tilling              LB/SS
   TY  Michelle Tremblay         TW
   GV  Garry Verniest
   MW  Miles White               DA/FD
   SU  Dennis Surbek             KL/TM
   DN  Darrell Hunks             FT
   ML  Michael Gies              PH/KW
1999 -----------------------------------------------------------
   OP  Hope Watson               LY         from QM     to QM
   AR  Mark Balogh               TS/AS
   DG  Darren Gardner
   BX  Bob Tabaka                MP
   PD  Dan Pickard               JM      from QM    
2000 -----------------------------------------------------------
   LF  Phil Froese               LE
   DI  Doug Ireland              GO         QT FSS
   JZ  Jaime Constantine         KD/DV      from QX
   XS  Lionel Jeanson
   RE  Rejean Bourgeois          HS
   JG  Julian Gates              TU    
   LF  Phil Froese               LE
       Cindy Demery
   CF  Clint Foster              AD
   GR  Rob Griffith              CK
   ET  Eric Titus                RA
   JD  Joel Harder               NH
   LK  Laura Cocksedge           GN
   JB  Jim Baldwin               BX
   WE  Wayne Snow Sr.            GS         from QX
2001 -----------------------------------------------------------
       Tamara O'Donnell
       Vanessa Manary
   VP  Marlin Palmer                        from VR
   CJ  Jim Russell               SD
   EN  Karl Enns                 KL
   JR  Robert Joubert                       from HZ
   JO  John Andrews              DY/NE
   ER  Dave Elder                TU
   BA  Ben Kotrla                GP
   YJ  Jason Yarmey              SC
   WM  Jim Walker                BX
   DF  Dave Kenkel               RX         from QT
   KP  Paul Kondziela            UK
   KN  Kris Bercier              SR/GH
   MH  Michael Hunt              HN
   LO  Mike Loftus               RV/MI
   ZS  Sandra Zemlak             JS/SJ
   PL  Patrick Hubel             SN
   PA  Andre Martel              EZ/WC
   KA  Kyle Shewfelt             SP
   JY  Jeff Timmy                LY
   MJ  Meghan Shewfelt           RH
   CE  Chris Eliasson            LJ
   TD  Ted Dick                  MR
   JL  Jason Lynch               AD/RC
   NT  Neal Terrio               NA/SG   
   BR  Robert Briscoe            HI
2002 -----------------------------------------------------------
   LL  Diana Lawlor              ND/TU
   NN  Jarrod Brennan            DA
   ME  Corey McCarthy            GE
   KY  Ken Yurick
   XS  John Wilder               PS
   JI  Dave Jones                MI
   MZ  Patrick McCallum          DX         from VR
   CA  Chris Arnold              ZB         from VR
   GJ  Mark Gorman               RD
   LN  Scott Nystrom             GH
   JU  Jamie Hulford             RG
   NF  Natalie French            LF
   HL  Paul Hillier              ZR
   LD  Dion Deschamps            SCJV
   TC  Jennifer Tycholis         PS
   NF  Natalie Peloquin          DI
2003 -----------------------------------------------------------
   JC  Jocelyn Shepherd          JW
   EM  Dave Heinemann            FD/RS
   AI  Cliff Baird               DN
   UJ  Juan Hadic                SC/DY
   EJ  Elliot Johnson
   DQ  Darcy Quinn               JV
   NB  Kenneth Barnes            MR         from NJZ
   UJ  Juan Hadic Zabala         SC/JV
   YH  Jeff Yurkiewich                      from YZ
2004 -----------------------------------------------------------
   SK  Steve Kobayashi           WJ/RG
   YF  Leslie Favreau            AD/DI
   PC  Patrick Careen            GE
   AA  James Carlisle            NA/NI
   GG  Craig Gilbert             FA/BJ
   EH  Karen Philips             MM
   LW  Lewis Wilson              LJ/BA
   TG  Theresa Green             NN
   TT  Matt Morton               HI/RC
   NY  Ryan Hendry               TK/TY
   AB  Andrew Budgell            BP/RC  
   CR  Chris Rieken
       James Carr
   GC  Craig Giebelhaus          HI
   OL  Stephanie Olafson         DM
       Ted MacDonald
   JI  Dennis Grantham           TH/DG
   SM  Sandra McKenzie           WM
   SY  Jeff Redmond              ET
   AH  Matthew Sharp             RV
   JQ  Quinton Jedlic            PS
   TN  Kimberly Grant            DA
   ZK  Ryan Klimack                         from QX
2005 ------------------------------------------------------------
   HS  Heather Slaney
   AU  Marie-Pier Caouette       PI
   XO  Roxane Pare-Morin         SH
   CS  Charley Langston
   UF  Neil Fulton               KN
   AM  Adam Berman               HN
   BK  Kimberly Bell             ML/JV
   AQ  Rob Antell                MY         
   IK  Ian Kappler               KR         from QX
   HO  Nick Hill                 JY
   JN  Jason Dean                BA/KE/PH
   ON  Gregory Hinton            FA
   SF  Blair Slater                         from EG
   ND  Don Webb                             from EG
2006 -----------------------------------------------------------
   AW  Jason Dawe                DI
   OS  Joshua Dyck               HN
   MK  Jamie McKim               TS
   CV  Cole Verkuylen            MR
   NB  Kenneth Barnes            MR         from NJZ
2007 -----------------------------------------------------------
   AC  Michael Carriere          AI/UI/JO
   DS  Dustin Sigvaldason        HN
   BC  Chris Boudreaux           KR
   KJ  John Kyriakopoulos        NN
2008 -----------------------------------------------------------   
   NE  John Neufeld              KP         from EG
   IM  Ian McLeod                TT/JV
   GM  Gavin McDonald            RV
   FK  Robert Franks             DK
   RP  Remi Peloquin             ER         from ZFZ
   SF  Blair Slater              JZ         from EG
2009 -----------------------------------------------------------
   EP  Michael Epp               NY/DN
   RL  Ryan Ledgerwood       	 FD/MW
   FB  Floyd Bergner             DI
   RN  Nolan Rasmussen           BJ 
2010 ----------------------------------------------------------- 
   RB  Blair Renaud              DI
   CG  Colin Gederon	         PI/AA      from XL FSS
   HM  Marcus Hainstock	         DG
2011 -----------------------------------------------------------
   AR  Arlin Gray                HL
   SL  Sheldong Moore
2012 ----------------------------------------------------------- 
   TW  Travis Wog                DC         from WG Z
   RP  Remi Peloquin	         ER         from ZF Z
   AO  Ashley Malenchak	         SD/TG 
2013 -----------------------------------------------------------
2014 -----------------------------------------------------------
   SE Simon Costello             SV   
2015 -----------------------------------------------------------
   CP  Curtis Petrychyn          DI/CK
   JH  John Gariepy              MH
2016 ----------------------------------------------------------- 
   BW  Brock Wittevrongel        GT
   PJ  John Painter              NA/SG
2017 -----------------------------------------------------------
   CH  Celeste Milburn           NI/FB
   NG  Jordan Hennig             HL
2018 -----------------------------------------------------------  
   GF  George Gavrailoff         AM
   GJ  Jason Gregoire	         JG/JN 
   CH  Celeste Milburn           FB/DI
   TP  Terence Prins             GG
   AC  Anthony Carter            YJ
2019 ----------------------------------------------------------- 
   DP  Dickson Poon              AN/TT
   AN  Nicole Amonson	         UJ/HI
   PS  Paul Swiston              SY
   BK  Kyle Bagrie               JV/AQ/KS

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WG ACC 1944
   IFR air traffic control was first provided from this RCAF Wireless School building on Ferry Road. Responsibility was transferred to the Department of Transport (DOT) in 1944. This building was in use until 1953 when the unit moved to DOT Building #16.
   The 'New" Winnipeg International Airport terminal and administration buildings were first occupied in 1962. Hard to believe how open and expansive it was but but by the early 2000s it had to be replaced, increasing numbers of air passengers and the necessary security requirements. For many years a homebuilt airplane hung from the ceiling in the North end of the terminal.
These are very large photos, left mouse click on the photos and the full size images will be displayed.

      (photo on the left courtesy of Harold Mengel)
WG ACC 1962
   The ACC occupied the northeast corner of the second floor of the Winnipeg International Airport administration building from 1962 to 1988. Extensive modifications were required by 1975 to accept the new computer systems; ICCS (communications) and JETS (radar). During this time radar systems located at Kenora ON (YQK), Thunder Bay ON (YQT), Regina SK (YQR) and Saskatoon SK (YXE) were remoted to Winnipeg and the ACC gradually assumed responsiblity of high level airspace. Thunder Bay, Regina and Saskatoon became Terminal Control Units.
WG ACC 1988
   The current location of WG ACC, 777 Moray Street. This facility was opened in May 1988 by the Hon. Benoit Bouchard, Minister of Transport. RDPS was fully implemented by 1993 and relocation of all IFR airspace in the WG FIR to WG ACC had begun. The first unit to relocate was Thunder Bay (summer 1994), Kenora (fall 1994), Regina (fall 1994) and finally Saskatoon (spring 1995).
WG ACC 1988
   Winnipeg ACC operations room, 2017 (photo credit to Andrew Budgell).
   The "Gimli Glider" - July 23/1983,0138Z (8:38pm): AC143, B767 YOW-YEG, runs out of fuel and does an emergency landing at Gimli.
   A movie: "Falling From The Sky, Flight 174", re-enacted this significant aviation event.
   A plaque in the ACC recognizes the contribution of Winnipeg ACC and in particular, the efforts of Len Daczko (TCU) and Ron Hewitt (Enroute).

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Favourite Links

--- Astronomy ---
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site" - my favourite astronomy site,
lots of how-to articles, product reviews, and frequent updates  

LRod The Big Sky Theory - Rod Peterson is a former American controller (Chicago and Jacksonville ARTCCs). His new (Mar09) website is a good read about ATC; funny, ironic, and entertaining. He does capture this often quirky business. 

--- Automotive ---
Old Cars and Trucks - a real find, thousands of pictures, never mind bringing a coffee, bring a thermos! Simply superb!  

Daniel Stern- smart advice for questions about headlights  

--- Aviation ---
Ruud Leeuw Aviation website - a great and extensive aircraft site - bring coffee!  

1000 Aircraft Photos - one of the best sources for all
types of aircraft on the 'net  

Canadian Aeronautical Communications - the place to go if you're a pilot planning a trip.  

Noorduyn Norseman - one of the best Norseman sites on the internet, dedicated to this legendary Canadian bushplane  

Norseman - another excellent Norseman site. I like it because the authors have compiled extensive history on many of the planes. Great reading, especially if you're from the north  

DeHavilland Beaver - if you've ever flown a beaver, or flown in one, this this is the site to visit.  

Early days of Aviation in Manitoba - an interesting collection of aviation photos, way back when !  

International Space Station or shuttle sightings near where you live

--- English Pubs ---
The Hollybush - a great pub in Salt (2nd oldest licenced pub in England) 

--- Entertainment ---
Bob Evans Bob Evans - an excellent fingerstyle guitar player from Regina.
His website is both interesting and musical. Bob has performed at the Winfield Kansas Guitar festival.
  2002 3rd place
  2003 1st place  

Terry TuftsTerry Tufts - an excellent fingerstyle guitar player from Ottawa
Great CD: "2 Nights Solo:Terry Tufts Live at Rasputin's"

--- Friends ---

NormsTools (the former Woodbutcher website) - Although Rod Peterson is a former American controller (Chicago ARTCC), this website is not about ATC; it's mostly about woodworking and a collection of Rod's observations on life. He is justifiably proud of his "Norm Abram and The New Yankee Workshop" webpage. A must for all the woodbutchers out there. Entertaining.  >

--- Guitar Music ---
TheGuitarGuy- a great source of guitar music and songs  

--- Travel / Vacation Spots ---
2012 Danube Rivercruise
We took the CAA President's rivercruise from Budapest to Prague in late October early November. The weather cool and damp, even snow, but the rivercruise was otherwise excellent.! 

Italy 2009
We visited Italy in the fall of 2009. Great country - great people - great food ! 

Cuba Resorts - We've been to Cuba twice, a good break from the long, cold Winnipeg winters  

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Fun With Google Earth

Google Earth files     By now most internet dsl users have discovered the endless entertainment offered by this great program. In addition to storing your own favourite locations you can create .KML files for specific places. My own limited research indicates that creating .KML files is overly complicated so I use a simpler method. However nloading a file from a website is also problematic given all the hype (sometimes true) about "worms", "trojans" and other virus files. My solution was to either copy or rename the .KML file to a text or .TXT file and edit it with notepad. In creating new .KML files I simply replace the place name and lat/long entries. It's not exact but it works. My IE7 will not let me copy (as in download) .TXT or .KML but it is happy with .ZIP files so:
1) Right click on and then click on "save target as". Although the file shows a .XML extension (IE7) everthing is ok. You can rename the file as a .KML extension before downloading it, or do it later.
2) run Google earth and from the file pull down menu (upper left hand side), select open and point to your recently downloaded file.
I made this file so viewers an go directly to some interesting places! The first 4 entries are from information I read in Ruud Leeuw's Aviation website in the above links.
Aircraft Location
Curtiss C-46 Churchill, Manitoba CA
Douglas DC-7 Denver, Colorado USA
Boeing KC-97 Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Beechcraft BE-18 Daytona Beach, Florida USA
Convair B-36 Atwater, California USA
Lockheed SR-71 Riverside, California USA
Boeing KC-97-Wis Dodgeville, Wisconsin USA
left click for a bigger image If you succeed in finding the Boeing KC-97 in
Dodgeville, Wisconsin it will look like this.

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And on this November 11, 2021...
Jack Dods

   John "Jack" Dods: 1921-2021
   WWII RAF 233 Squadron Aircrew
   Gunner, Wireless Operator, Navigator    Crew on Hudson and DC-3 Aircraft

 One of last known D Day veterans, John "Jack" Dods died earlier this Month at the Perley and Rideau Veteran's Health Centre. He was 100.

 “Dad was a true gentleman,” said his son, Daryl. “He was part of that generation that just did what had to be done.”

 John Leslie “Jack” Dods grew up on a farm near Norway Bay, Que., and developed a boyhood fascination with airplanes. He used to sit beside his mother’s sewing machine and pretend he was in a cockpit; his bedroom walls were plastered with planes cut from magazines and newspapers.

 “Planes were his life,” his son said.

WWII Service
 Dods tried to enlist in the Royal Canadian Air Force out of high school, but was rejected as too slight. He spent a summer cutting trees for Hydro Quebec and put on enough muscle to qualify for the service. He trained as a wireless operator and air gunner before being sent to England to serve with the RAF 233 Squadron in Gibraltar.

 Although he would fly 60 perilous missions during the Second World War, many of them over hostile territory, Jack Dods’ closest call came as he sailed towards that future. HMS Leticia Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in December 1941, the 20-year-old was on the side deck of HMS Letitia, watching with a knot of soldiers as a heavy storm battered the troop ship’s gunwales. He lost his hat, and, by the time he retrieved it, his comrades had all gone inside. Dods hammered on the bulkhead door, but his cries could not be heard above the storm. Desperate, he took shelter beneath a tarp, which offered little protection against bitter cold and wind-whipped waves. When an enormous wave washed across the deck and swept him toward the North Atlantic, Dods thought he was finished. Some time later, however, another crew member ventured out to check on some equipment. He found Dods, soaked and unconscious, tangled in the anchor chains. Although he had suffered spinal compression fractures — they would bother him the rest of his life — Dods asked the ship’s doctor not to report the problem so he could join the war effort.

 While posted in the Azores Islands, off Portugal — the squadron hunted German submarines — Dods’ plane was forced to land in a fierce storm that blew it off the runway. The plane lost its landing gear, which sent it into a wild spin that stripped its wings. Seated unbuckled in the plane’s astrodome, Dods held on for dear life and emerged unharmed. Days later, his squadron returned to England to begin preparing for the Allied invasion of Europe. RAF 233 Squadron would take part in Operation Tonga: a mission to deliver troops into occupied France, destroy a German gun battery and secure key bridges.

 “We knew this was the big one and we had to make it right,” Dods once told an interviewer.

 Late on the evening of June 5, 1944, as the world’s largest armada assembled on the English coast, Dods left for occupied France in a Douglas DC-3 Dakota. His plane, filled with paratroopers, was one of the first to reach the drop zone. The weather that evening was terrible.

 “You could hardly walk in the wind and the rain was horizontal,” he remembered.

 One of his scariest flights occurred over the Falaise Pocket, where Canadian and Polish forces were trying to encircle the German 7th Army in August 1944. The troops were desperately short of ammunition, and 233 Squadron was assigned to make a low-altitude supply drop despite heavy fog. Unable to pick up a radio signal, Dods’ plane flew near the treetops to find the drop zone and was peppered by both German and Allied forces.

" About 0230 on 24th August 1944, most on our RAF Blake Hill Farm Station were awakened with the news that the Canadian and Polish troops, had linked with the USA forces and cut off the retreating Nazi troops along the Falaise Road but were running out of ammunition. We were to drop what they needed. Going to briefing the fog was so dense walking was difficult. While our Dakota aircraft were already loaded we could not get off til 0630. Arriving in the area in France smoke from burning villages and towns and from the raging battle added to the cloud and fog that everywhere and there was no signal from the ground nor from the army radar beacon on a Jeep (that) we needed for the drop. Without a correct altimeter setting an accurate drop anywhere was not possible. Our pilot (Squadron Leader) and Formation Leader, decided to try to break out below cloud and fog and set altimeter, and break radio silence and inform our other circling crews this information or else the task could be a big sad failure, but he asked for and immediately got our crew approval... So SlOWLY down and down we went on Gee (sic), supposedly near the road. Our navigator had cycled on that road Mac was also was aware of how big and high the towering trees were that ornamentally lined both sides of this historical road. Down, down we went at minimum speed til hundreds of feet below sea level on our non-corrected altimeter, we broke out within a couple hundred feet from the trees and below their tops in a real war zone. It seemed that everyone shot at us. We set our altimeter and got out of there as fast as possible, informed others of the data and prepared to drop blind in the area we had just left. But at last the Jeep radar beacon came on (and) we flew in and dropped at the correct height and on target. Each crew was called in and dropped as we had. Later were informed that one of our 600 lb panniers from out aircraft had pinned the officer who drove the jeep. He lost a leg as a result and many years later I saw him on TV, carry(ing) the Black Rod in Parliment, still limping. Mac was given the DFC and our aircraft required a complete new tail and many patches..."   (words of John Dods)

 General Patton’s troops entered the French capital on August 25th and the re-supply/evacuation destinations for 233 Squadron expanded eastwards accordingly. A six-aircraft operation on August 26th went in the opposite direction, with personnel and equipment transferred from Heston to the American Advanced Landing Ground A30 at Courtils, near Avranches. FZ681 was flown on this mission by Squadron Leader Mackenzie who was also in command for the following day’s operation to Orleans-Bricy. This airfield had only just been liberated and the landing surfaces were rough and uneven. It had, nonetheless, been selected as the delivery point for food supplies being shipped to the newly-free Paris. Over the next six days it became the focus for a mini-airlift carrying sugar, margarine, milk, beans, fish, pork, soya, chocolate, bacon and biscuits. Up to six hundred visits were made in total by participating aircraft and air traffic control became an issue with aircraft sometimes having to circle for 60 to 90 minutes in the stack. FZ681 fell victim to the uneven landing surface and suffered a hydraulic problem with the tail wheel. The crew returned to Blakehill Farm as passengers and the aircraft had to be collected the following evening. The Paris airlift accounted for 66 sorties by the Squadron with a total of 231 tons of food delivered.

 On 21st August a complement of ten Dakotas was dispatched at short notice to Chambois in France for a pannier drop of anti-tank ammunition for the allied forces attempting to trap retreating Wehrmacht troops in the ‘Falaise Pocket’. The weather was poor with heavy rain and a low cloud base only a few hundred feet above the fields of Normandy. 233 Squadron was flying in parallel with other 46 Group aircraft from Down Ampney and all experienced difficulties. Only four of the 233 Squadron Dakotas were able to find the drop zone but, fortunately, by the following day, the ‘Falaise Gap’ had been plugged and the Allies were on their way to Paris.
  ( 233 Squadron source: )

 Later, after another supply drop in Belgium, his plane was chased by a German jet fighter through low-lying clouds and narrowly avoided crashing into the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, which juts 110 metres above the surrounding plains of northern France.

Post War
 After the war, Dods — by then a navigator — returned to Calgary and joined the Air Force Reserve squadron as an air traffic controller. He married his high school sweetheart Joy and helped to raise two children.

 He would teach his children to identify planes by the sound of their engines. “The first books we read were aircraft recognition books,” Daryl Dods said.

 Dods worked as an instructor at CFB Winnipeg’s Canadian Forces Air Navigation School and helped to establish that city’s first radar control unit. In 1957, he moved to Ottawa to join the research and development team in Transport Canada’s air traffic division. He retired in 1977 and promptly earned his licence as a glider pilot.

 When he died earlier this month, Dods was one of this city’s last known D-Day veterans. It’s estimated that about 250 D-Day veterans are still alive in this country, or about 1.8 per cent of the 14,000 Canadians who took part in the invasion.

“He was part of that generation that just did what had to be done.”

John Dods John Dods

The above information is available from both John's obituary and from an article in the Ottawa Citizen by Andrew Duffy; "RCAF veteran flew in of the first planes to reach D-Day beaches".
* Special thanks to Bob Parker for informing me about the articles and sending along photos of John. *

Hudson DC-3 D-Day

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And on this November 11, 2018...
Lloyd Freidman

   Lloyd Freidman: 1918 - 2018
   WWII Bomber Pilot, DFC
   22 missions in a Halifax
   35 missions in a Lancaster as a Pathfinder pilot

   How I met Lloyd, from Phil Gies
   In 2002 I joined the RehFit Centre in Winnipeg. This facility has been recognized as Canada's first certified medical fitness facility by the Medical Fitness Association and the majority of members are older. A few years later I began to walk with Norm Pound, an air force veteran and we had a common interest in aviation. Norm mentioned that another fellow he walked with was a bomber pilot and had flown both the Halifax and Lancaster bombers. Norm also said this fellow was reluctant to talk about the war so I would have to be circumspect and after meeting Lloyd Freidman, Norm suggested that I might (eventually) say to Lloyd that I had heard the Lancaster was the best flying bomber in WWII. Lloyd was of the opinion the Halifax handled much better, light on the controls and very reliable. Over the course of many walks and gentle questioning I learned more about Lloyd's air force service and he eventually told me he flew Lancasters. Later he told be he flew in the Pathfinder group
   Lloyd Freidman was born in Southey, Saskatchewan in 1918. Prior to WWII, he was a school teacher in Saskatchewan however he joined the RCAF even before World War II broke out and was trained as a pilot and for the first years of the war he trained other pilots at Brandon. In 1943 Lloyd went overseas to train as a bomber pilot.
   His early training was on an Armstrong Whitworth A.W.38 Whitley Bomber and for his "checkout flight" he and a skeleton crew were sent on a mission to drop pamphlets over Paris. This kind of flight was called a 'nickel' as delivering newspapers cost a nickel at the time. Poor and changing weather blew the flight off course on the way back and they were blown off course fairly close to the Pyrenees. In short, they were lost. However they did find the Atlantic and Lloyd said thanks to the navigator's great skill they found England. They had declared a Mayday and knew their IFF code so British fighters would not attack them and made a landing in Essex. Lloyd was called to the base commander's office fully expecting he would have failed his mission. On the contrary the commander was pleased they got lost and made it back to England as the RAF discovered 3 new German radar sites that were tracking Lloyd's Whitley. They sustained flac damage during their mission and Lloyd heard that particular airplane never flew another mission. Lloyd got his wings and then trained on a Halifax bomber. After 22 missions in a Halifax Lloyd says he was "invited" to join a Lancaster group and in particular, the Pathfinder group. His Halifax crew also joined the Lancaster group as they believed Lloyd to be lucky...
   The crew stayed with Lloyd for the remainder of their service, another 35 missions. All seven of Lloyd's crew (all Canadians) survived the war and they would often get together for reunions.
   On October 9, 2018, Lloyd, the last surviving member of his crew, rejoined his friends, forever.

Whitely Halifax Lancaster
   Additional information
   The Armstrong Whitworth A.W.38 Whitley was one of three British twin-engined, front line medium bomber types that were in service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) at the outbreak of the Second World War.

   The Handley Page Halifax was a Royal Air Force (RAF) four-engined heavy bomber of the Second World War. It was developed by Handley Page to the same specification as the contemporary Avro Lancaster and Short Stirling, all three aircraft being four-engined heavy bombers.

   The Avro Lancaster is a British four-engined Second World War heavy bomber. It was designed and manufactured by Avro as a contemporary of the Handley Page Halifax, both bombers having been developed to the same specification, as well as the Short Stirling, all three aircraft being four-engined heavy bombers adopted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the same wartime era.

   Lloyd's son Andy was quoted by the CBC and said that his father had been a World War II bomber pilot for the RCAF, flying Lancaster bombers, and had flown an incredible 40+ missions over Germany and France on two separate tours of duty. Now, to understand how amazing that was, you have to realize that the attrition rate among crew members on those bombers approached 90% over an entire tour of duty (which would have consisted of 20 missions if one were lucky enough to make it through an entire tour).


   A basic and not detailed description of WWII Allied bombing missions using Pathfinders: a camera aircraft, generally a Mosquito, would overfly the intended target, then came the Pathfinders to drop flares to mark the target, then came the bombers. Later a camera aircraft would overfly to photograph the damage, or if you prefer, the accuracy, of the raid. This very short description is only provided so that readers may search historical information and really understand the vital role the Pathinders. (pjg)

   "...and the special force of elite aircrew, the Pathfinder squadrons, whose purpose was to locate targets and mark them, proved indispensible to the success of the RAF's overall bombing campaign. Led by the inspirational and imaginative Don Bennett, Pathfinders were equipped with the best available aircraft, which included the famous Lancaster bomber and later, increasingly, the Mosquito. To join a Pathfinder squadron (all crewmen were volunteers) was a rare privilege but with it went a huge leap in the likelihood of being shot down. Pathfinder aircraft led the way for their following bomber force in hazardous raid after raid. They were highly vulnerable to the wall of flak thrown up by German city defenders, as well as to attacks by night-fighters; and it took a full 25 minutes to run the gauntlet of the Berlin defences from end to end at full stretch. By the end of the war, some 56,000 crewmen of Bomber Command had lost their lives." (Martyn Chorlton)

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And on this November 11, 2012...
Airman John Scammell, April 2, 1945, aged 20

   John George Scammell passed away peacefully on Friday, September 21, 2012 at the age of 88 years. John had a long and proud career in ATC from Gander to Toronto to Ottawa. But perhaps more importantly, John was a veteran of WWII. Here is a story about his service as it appeared in "", authored by Jennifer Young (November 25, 2008).

Bells Corners Legion member doesn't regret his decision to fight
   During the Second World War, a very young John Scammell found himself a long way from his home in Pinder, NB, with a bird's eye view of the war. He was a young navigator with the Royal Canadian Air Force stationed on a Lancaster bomber in Australian Squadron 467. He signed up with the air force because he loved air planes and wanted to help his country.
   "I was always fiddling around with air planes," he said. "I thought if I can get into the air force, I'll be in great shape."
   Scammell graduated from Fredericton High School in July 1942 and, at the age of 18, signed up almost as soon as he was able.
   "Four days (after graduation) I went down to city hall and signed up," he said.
   Upon signing up, he was shipped to Moncton, Lachine and then back to Moncton and on to Victoriaville where he was trained as a navigator. He was eventually posted in London, ON, where he received his wings on Oct. 15, 1943, meaning he was ready to join the ranks of those overseas. By early November he was on the Mauritania heading to England where he was stationed in Waddington. From his base he would go on to participate in 24 bombing raids in enemy territory.

   Scammell remembers every mission he participated in with the help of his flight log, something he said is worth $1 million to him. It documents every mission he went on including the duration, target and mission outcome. Even without the help of his log there is one mission that stands out for him from all those years ago across the ocean. The mission he and the rest of his crew executed over Heilbronn, Germany on Dec. 4, 1944 was the last time he saw his bomber's rear gunner alive.
   "One especially stands out because it was when we'd gotten into a big fight with German fighters," he said. "Our rear gunner got killed. It's rough when you still have to fight and you realize your man is done."
   The loss was particularly hard as the crew always served together and had gotten to know each other quite well in their time at war.
   "You get to know each other,' he said. "You were a team and you had to be."
   He had another close call following a more than 10-hour raid on the Politz Oil Refinery in April 1944.
   "They advised us do not come back to base because the weather is going to be bad," he said.
John'sLancaster after a rain on Politz, December 21, 1944    Following the mission, however, the bombers received instructions to return to base. Another message followed telling pilots to ignore that message but Scammell's and two other planes didn't receive it. They found themselves almost out of fuel circling, unable to see the ground.
   "We were running on fumes," he remembers nervously.
   He said at that time there was no electronic guides so the crew was on their own. Amongst the planes, they quickly decided who would land first, second and third. Scammell's plane was to be third. The first plane managed to land despite the weather and radioed up to the two remaining planes that it was possible. The second plane went into land and suddenly all radio contact from the plane ceased. Scammell and his crew had no way of determining where the second plane was or what had happened.
   "We had to do it and hope we didn't hit the second guy," he said.
   They prepared themselves to land but instead found themselves crashing to the ground. Despite being a bit bruised all the crew members were okay. Unfortunately, Scammell later discovered that the second plane had also crashed leaving only one survivor.
   "It flew right into the ground and killed the works," he said. "I got bumped and bruised on our crash landing but I was never really injured. I was fortunate."
   The weather that night was so bad that the airmen had to wait for search parties to find them. They knew they were near the base but had not idea how to get home.
   He also participated in raids such as one on Munich and one on Dresden, a particular raid he doesn't want to remember.
   "I shake even at the name. It just sounds terrible," he said.

   After accumulating more than 430 hours of flying time, Scammell found himself on his way back to Canada on May 15, 1945 at the rank of flying officer.
   "Your outlook on things was quite different," he said.
   He left the air force and after switching from job to job he found himself in Toronto where he replied to an ad for air traffic control men. After training he worked in Gander, Nfld. where he eventually took charge of the station. While he was in charge, radar began being incorporated into air traffic control.
   "I was in charge of the first radar control terminal unit in the department of transport," he said.
   It was his experience in radar that brought him back to Munich, a city he had seen from the air many years before, to help implement the technology there. He tells the story of walking down the streets and looking to the sky. In his mind he could see the planes flying over the city as if it were actually happening and found himself imagining what it would have been like to be on the ground during the raid he executed.
   Scammell was eventually stationed at Pearson International Airport where he finished his 33 year career. Now having retired and looking back through all his life's experiences, despite some haunting memories, he is as confident in his decision to enlist in the air force today as he was that day in 1942.
   "I sort of wish I had a greater opportunity to do more," he said. "You always think you haven't done enough."

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Toby at 5 years. Left click for larger image then Back to return
    Before I retired on April 1, 2002 (with 35yrs+49days of service) I began a walking program - 2 to 3 miles per day. After several months I decided I needed a walking companion so we began looking for a dog. This is Toby, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Lots of spirit and loves the winter and summer, snow, mud and the lake! As of Jan 2/2011, Toby and I have logged over 4779 miles on the Trans Canada Trail in Winnipeg and the Vernon Trails near Kenora.

    Sad News: April 15, 2013, Toby passed away this morning. He was 10 years and 8 months old. He and I walked together 3012 times for 5470 miles He was simply the best companion for our family. We will miss him forever.
Some friends stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts.
And we are never, ever the same.

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