National ATC School 1960 -

(Toronto VFR Course Included

     In the '50s and early '60s, VFR and IFR training was delivered at regional schools in Toronto and Winnipeg.
In the early '60s these VFR schools were combined and moved to classrooms located on the second floor at the Ottawa Airport.
To provide a cross-Canada perspective, conversations with other non-Winnipeg former controllers confirmed that
Ned Taylor(QM) and Mac Morrell (UL) were on Toronto course #3 in 1956. Chuck McCuaig (YZ) was on Ottawa course #13 in 1963.

     Keen observers with good memories are requested to "put names to faces".

Latest update is July 18, 2022

Toronto VFR Courses

Toronto VFR Course 9 - 1958     Thanks to Al Yeadon

This information and photo comes from Al Yeadon;"I occasionally have contact with Dean Bondy (ex YZ) who spends the winters in Palm Springs, also with Don Johnston who lives out here in Richmond. Once in a while I receive an e-mail from John Aspinall. The photo was taken in January, 1958 during the last days of our ATC #9 Course in Malton."

Ottawa VFR Courses

Ottawa VFR Course 8 - 1962     Thanks to Rod Galloway & Brian Finnen for putting names to faces.

Back: Ev Miller(QM), Rod Galloway(YZ), John Naveau(QM), Jean-Guy Ferland(UL), Bob Swanston(YZ)
  Jerry Curnew(QM), Greg Vincent(YZ), Lorenzo Legault
Middle: Len Trites(QM), Dave Florian(QM), Jean LeBlanc(UL), Will Stevenson(QM), Bob Mitchell(EG)
  Grant Downes(WG), Brian Finnen(WG)
Front: Jim McQuinn(YZ), Stu Williams, Joel Nelson, Archie Novakowski, Tom Taylor, Brian King

Grant Downes collection

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Jim McQuinn sent along this photo of the "official" Course 8 roster complete with regional candidates which he picked up from the TCTI archives.

As mentioned earlier, prior to 1960 western VFR courses were held in Winnipeg while eastern VFR courses were held in Toronto. National VFR courses were started around 1960 and were held at the Ottawa Airport. Brian Finnen confirms this picture is of Course #8, held in 1962. For a timeline, Chuck McCuaig (YZ) was on Ottawa course #13 in 1963. Mike Langhan and I were on course #20 which began in September 1966.

Ottawa VFR Course 13 - 1963     Thanks to Chuck McCuaig for finding this photo and remembering the names.

Back: Al Smith, Jim Ferguson, Al White, "Top Cat" think it was Byron Markowitz or something like that, "Slim" Novack, Bruce Watson, Ray Lovegrove
Middle: Jim Coward, Dave Ritchie, "Compass" McKenzie, Pierre Lamorouex, "Dirty Ol" Hugh Leblanc, "Suds" Stoddard
Front: Unknown, "Tiger" Tom Taylor (instructor), Scott Hainer (instructor), Bob Hamilton (instructor), "Limo" Hatch
     White, Lovegrove, Leblanc et unknown made it to ACC qualification.

Chuck McCuaig collection

Ottawa VFR Course 18 - 1966     Thanks to Denis Ripley for finding this photo.

Back: ??, ??, ??, Denis Ripley(QB), ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Robert Desjardins(QB), ??
Middle: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??
Front: Pierre Gauthier(QB), ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Ron King(YZ), Pierre Sauve(QB), ??

Denis Ripley collection

Ottawa VFR Course 19 - 1966     Thanks to Larry Varrin for finding this photo and remembering the names.

Back: Blaikie (YC), Dagg, Kucey (TZ), Stevens (YZ), Cusack (QX), Picard, Winkler (TZ), Archer (OW), Gardner (OW), Richard (XE), Lowe, Frazer (?)
Middle: Ernst (YC), Jollymore (QX), Venus (EG), Green, Morgan, Clark (QR), Fecteau, Sigston (UL), ?, Wiens (VR), Johnson, Ledoux (UL), Robertson (OW), Maclean (VR), Varrin (TZ), Sylvester (QT), ?, Beach, Campbell (VR), Poisson, Wood (QG)
Front: Francis (QG), Foss (Unsuccessful), Wells (UL), Daynard (VR), Fisher (?), Anderson (?), Morell (Instructor), Irvine (VR), Vasarins (QG), Buzzell, Gray (YZ)

Larry Varrin collection

Ottawa VFR Course 20 - 1966     Thanks to Mike Langhan for finding this photo and remembering the names.

Back: Michel Bussierres (UL), Darryl Maggs (YZ), Bill McLeod (YZ), Bob Parker (YZ), Gary Browning (EG)
Terry Clark (XD), Bart Green (QX), Chris Rawlins (QM)
Middle: P. Hardy (VR), Bill Reid (YZ), G. Bell (VR), T. Riley (VR), K. Baloc (YZ), Tom Fudakowski (UL)
Wayne Sherriff (QM), G. Thompson (YZ), Phil Gies (YZ)
Front: Gary Boudreau (QM), M. Learned (UL), W. Stanyk (YZ) George Tripp (YZ), Mac Morrell (Inst)
Mike Langhan (WG), Larry Schellenberg (WG), Noel Salomon (UL), Lloyd Pascoe (YZ)

Phil Gies writes: "This course began with 25 and graduated 14. Sharp eyes will note that Lloyd Pascoe and Phil Gies were for YZ. Actually, we were both interviewed and hired in WInnipeg by Nels Harvey but were to be the "property" of Toronto. While in Ottawa I transferred to UL. Interestingly, Nels told us that although we were destined for Toronto we were expected to do well as "Winnipeg does not send failures!"
  Mike Langhan collection

Ottawa VFR Course 55 - 1971     Thanks to Brian Harvey & Colin Blanford for submitting this photo.

Ottawa VFR Course 56 - 1971     Thanks to Larry Lacasse for submitting this photo and some of the names to faces.

1.Larry Popovich(Inst), 2.Larry Lacasse(WG)3.Rich Machmer(WG), 4.Dave Dougherty(VR), 5.Kerry Kirkpatrick(VR), 6.Bob Rogers(YZ)
7.Ken Sheldrick(YZ), 8.Terry Fernets(WG), 9.Dudley Matthews(QX), 10.Jack Butt(QX), 11.Rick Mincoff(YZ).

Larry Lacasse writes; "Of the 22 students pictured here, a total of 21 licenses were awarded... Old training methods vs new - gotta wonder."

Ottawa VFR Course 87 - 1971     Thanks to Dennis Catania (AM) for submitting this photo and most of the names to faces.

Instructors in the front row were (l-r): Dick Crosley, Pierre Sauve, Wayne Sherriff.

Ottawa VFR Course 92 - 1975     Thanks to Ron Wilcox for submitting this photo and some of the names to faces.

1.Joe Cardy, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.Francine Laroque(UL), 7
8.Ron Taylor(WG), 9, 10, 11.Al Kauslouscas(UL), 12. Craig Jillet
13, 14.Harry Thibault(Inst), 15.Roman Zak, 16, 17, 18, 19.Garry Vinet, 20, 21.Jean Blais(Inst)
22.Bill Herron, 23.Kelly Carlson, 24, 25.Bob McIVor(WG), 26, 27.Ron Wilcox(WG)

Ron Wilcox (now retired from VR ACC) challenged me to find Ron Taylor, Bob McIvor and himself in the above picture- I couldn't!
                               Ron Taylor Bob McIvor Ron Wilcox

Ottawa VFR Course 103 - Feb-May 1977     Thanks to Garry Brown for submitting this photo and some of the names to faces.

1.Gary Robertson, 2, 3, 4, 5.Bob Willis (Inst), 6, 7, 8.Lloyd Saunders, 9.Garry Brown(WG),
10, 11.Rolly Reimer (Inst), 16.George Curan (Inst)

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