Winnipeg ATC School 1956-59

     In the '50s and early '60s, VFR and IFR training was delivered at regional schools in Toronto and Winnipeg. By the early '60s the schools were combined and moved to classrooms located on the second floor at the Ottawa Airport. To provide a cross-Canada perspective, recent conversations with other non-Winnipeg former controllers confirmed that Ned Taylor (QM) and Mac Morrell (UL) were on Toronto course #3 in 1956. Chuck McCuaig (YZ) was on Ottawa course #13 in 1963.
     Back in the "old days" (prior to the '70s) chenille crests were popular. Often crests were featured on hockey and baseball team jackets but in many cases people simply had crests sewn on a favourite jacket. This page features thumbnails of students and their course crest. Left clicking on each thumbnail will display a larger image of the course. Much larger pictures of the course and crest are available - details at bottom of this page. Course personnel are listed on the right but in many cases the names were listed alphabetically. Keen observers with good memories are requested to "put names to faces".

Latest update is October 20, 2022

Course 1 - January 9, 1956  Thanks to Ken Vryenhoek for putting names to faces.

Back Row L-R: ed Vincent(WG), ?, Don Edwards(WG), Vic Rude(EG), Al Holt(WG), Herb Dugan(WG), Don Begg(VR), John D Lyon (WG), ?
Middle Row L-R: Louie Reimer(EG), Ken Vryenhoek(VR), M Wheaton(VR), Don Leslie, Gord Comba(EG), Al Morgan(VR), Bruce McEwan(WG), Ron Hay(VR), Claire Fife(WG), Vic Lundin(WG), Bill Thomson(WG), Paul Sutton(WG), ?, ?
Front Row L-R: Bob Wonacott(WG), Len Olson, Vic Skinner(Ins), Cliff Gleave(Ins), Fred Mallon(WG), Jim Paxton(VR)
Lorne Billingsley(WG) (missing)

3 students boarding and studying together in Winnipeg
(l-r); Ron Hay, Al Morgan and Bruce McEwan.

Ron Hay photo

Course 2 - 1956  Thanks to Bob Power for putting names to faces.

Back: ? Harvey Simpson(VR), Roger Cousins, Matt Greenly(EG), Doug Williams(VR), Louie Lawrence,
   M Gagaluk, Terry Murphy(VR)
Middle: ? Gordon Kingsley(WG), ? Joe Kovolenko, Archie Novakowski(WG), Jim Henderson
   Dave Tustin(WG), Garth Manary(VR), Charlie Bruns(EG), Gordon Hole(WG), Wally Galka(WG)
Front: Ray Pilgrim(WG), Denis Howarth, Norm Dyck(WG), George Evans(WG), Joe Watson(WG)
   Cliff Gleave(Inst), Vic Skinner(Inst), Ron Hart(WG), Bob Power(WG), Gordon Jones
   Russ Collins(VR), Doug Carson(VR).

Course 3 - 1956  Thanks to Ron MacFarlane and Doug Dahl
for putting names to faces.

Back: Larry Bennet(VR), Ron MacFarlane(WG), Ed Kotelmach(WG), Don Lepp, Art Derbyshire(WG)
   R Anderson(YC), Ted Pischak(WG), ? Elmer Tomachek(WG), John Evans(XD)
Middle: ? ? ? ? Peter Williamson(VR), Gus Morier(WG), T Swanson(YC), David Jones(VR) ?
Front: Earl Rose(XD) Don Morton(WG), Harold Mengel(WG), Ken Baskin(BR), Ted Kelly, Cliff Gleave(Inst)
   Vic Skinner(Inst), Doug Dahl(EG), ? Bergenham(VR), ? B Webb(YC) ?
(unidentified):   J MacAUley, G Stonier, R Watson             Glenn Schwartz collection / Harold Mengel photo

Course 4 - 1956  Thanks to Al Chance for putting names to faces.

Back: Glen Gray(VR), Mike Reznick(WG), Emil Bryksa(WG), Gerry Bonar, Al Attamanchuck
   Ron Anderson(WG), Jim Allardyce(WG)
Middle: Hank McClure(WG), Abe Bickert, Frank Riedy, Dan Klotz(EG), Al Chance(WG)
   Al Ranger, John Opko, Ed Weinheimer(WG)
Front: Frank Willets(EG), John Kmita(VR), Al Hawrlyshen(VR), Vic Skinner(Inst), Cliff Gleave(Inst)
   Murray Kirsch(EG), Bill Jashewski(WG), Mike Lenko(VR)
Missing: Ed Romanik (Sr.)

Some of Class 4 at the Tower Simulator

Left to Right: Emil Bryksa, Frank Riedy, Al Chance, Jim Allardyce, Vic Skinner (Instructor), Ron Anderson, Al Ranger, Dan Klotz, Gerry Bonar, Murray Kirsch

Al Chance collection / Nels Harvey photo

Some of Class 4 learning VOR/ILS

Left to right: Gerry Bonar, Al Attamanchuk, Bill Jashewski, Jim Allardyce, Al Chance, John Opko, Cliff Gleave giving the lesson, Al Ranger, Ron Anderson, Emil Bryksa, Mike Lenko, Ed Weinheimer

Al Chance collection / Nels Harvey photo

Course 5 - 1957  Thanks to Wayne Napper putting names to faces and which unit they went to.

Back:   Don Wilson(WG), ? ? ? ? Roger Francis(WG), ? ? Sheldon(VR), Joe Schneider(WG), Joe Hoover(EG)
Middle: Fred Gartner(VR), Morris Bragger(VR), Bill Yakamovich(EG), MJ Dewar(WG), Dennis Wyatt(EG)
   Wayne Napper(EG), Jules Rach(EG), Lyle Davidson(WG), Rod Greenwood(VR), Joe Mayo(WG)
   Joel Nelson(WG)
Front: ? Bob Reading(VR), Jack Brown(WG), Dale Stinson(WG), Vic Skinner(Inst), Cliff Gleave(Inst)
   Neil Rand(VR), Jack Begg(VR), Terry McGiveron(VR), Ray Farion(EG)
Alphabetically (and unidentified):
   SD Chyz, DJ Hanford, EH Peterson, KL Pinch, WJ Reid, KN Stenstrom, WD Trynacity, TC Cleave

Course 6 - 1957  Thanks to Brian West for putting names to faces and which unit they went to.

Back: DA Lemisky(EG), HM Stone(EG), Scotty Hamilton(WG), Dave Brooks(VR), Eric Nessman(VR)
   DL Ellis(WG), Ray Foster(WG), Jim Bradley(WG), BW Whyte, Bert Puls(WG)
Middle: LA Kalichuk(EG), RF Smeed(EG), DH Solley(EG), Brian West(WG), Barry Spring(VR)
   Ray Landry(WG), J Kopecky(WG), D Wellis(VR), MJ Lokke, RW Hodges
Front: Kjell Sundin(WG), RF Golightly, JC Kilgour(WG), Jim Cherry(VR), RS Turner, Vic Skinner(Inst)
   TC Cleave(Inst), GT Haslam, Wilson Park(VR), Jim Jordan(VR), WP Howe(WG)

Course 7 - 1957  Thanks to Al Sutherland for putting names to faces.

Back: WJB Cable, Duane Olson(WG), Bill Molloy(WG), Dale Hannah(WG), GG Bouchard
   Steve Panych(WG), Joe Lamash, Joe Sobolewski, Barney Sharp(VR)
Middle: NH Jobes, AB Peterson, Orville Sneve(WG), GJ Baisch, Bryce Hart(VR), Bill Nemeth, Ray MacMath
   Bill Cholodylo(WG), Fred MacDonald(WG), MS Chase
Front: Bryce Llewellyn(WG), George Norman(VR), Bill Schwartz(WG), Al Sutherland(WG), Vic Skinner(Inst)    Bob Turner(Inst) Don Cameron(VR), Al Cook(WG), Dave Tak, Gerry Foulds(VR)

Missing: Hank Batt(Inst)

L-R:  Harold Mengel, Don Morton, Ed Kotelmach, T. C. (Cliff) Gleave, ??, Ron McFarlane, Larry Bennett, Earl Rose.

Glenn Schwartz collection / Harold Mengel photo

 Course 8 - 1959  Thanks to Don DeCuypere for putting names to faces.

Back: George McNutt, Bill Smith, Paul Shepperd, Frank Shultz(WG), George Hosegood(WG), Steve Kushner(WG)
   Al Otto(WG), Orest Shymko(WG), Harry Solomos(WG)
Middle: Ken Kirton(WG), R.Johnson, Ray Leger, Barry Tulloch(WG), Al Zahn, Norm Binkley(WG), Noel Bell
   Don DeCuypère(WG), Gwyn Williams(WG), Greg Leitch(WG)
Front: Jim Hall(EG), Bob Foster, Bert Newstead(WG), Tom Linklater(WG), Don Forsland (Inst)
   Murray Sutherland(Inst), Les Driver(Inst), August Lehmann, Don Fender, Dave Knox(VR)

 Course 9 - 1959  Thanks to John Shepert for putting names to faces.

Back: Don Fisher(WG), Ed Kotelmach(WG), Green(?), J Bellrose, P Dalton, I Schafer
Middle: R Caouette, John Shepert, Jim Kouk(WG), R Brady, Jack Pickerell(WG), Pat Halpin(WG), George Price(WG)
Front: J Plunkett, N Chernoff, Archie Novakowski(Inst), Murray Sutherland(Inst), Les Driver(Inst)
   Don Forsland(Inst), Arnold Cancilla(WG), Don Runge(EG), Tom Heinrichs(WG)

Course 10 - 1959  Thanks to Grant Price for putting names to faces.

Back: Pete Purdy(VR), Bob Orcott(VR), Klaus Zimmer(WG), Grant Price(WG), Grant Evans(VR), Denny Russell
   Ed Holt(WG), Jack Sykes(VR)
Front: Tom Freestone(WG), Walter Lesyk(VR), Scott Hainer(Inst), Murray Sutherland(Inst), Bill Cottrell(Inst)
   Les Driver(Inst), Jeff Massie(VR)

Course #10, Fall of 1959. This photo features of most of the participants of the last Winnipeg course.
From L to R: Grant Price, Grant Evans, Walter Lesiuk, Bob Orcutt, Craig Ripley, Klaus Zimmer, Tom Freestone
Jack Sikes, Ed Holt, Jeff Massie and Pete Purdy.

Credit to Grant Price and his "priceless" memory.

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Other WG ACC/IFR Courses

    Roy Cushway just sent me this old photo in June 2008. All the more impressive when you realize the photo was taken more than 50 years ago! "Here is that picture of the first IFR course held in Winnipeg in January/February of 1958. ... not too many left now so maybe you know who are still alive. Bob Turner and Murray Sutherland were the instructors."

Back: Jack Brown, Tom Hayes, Lorne Billingsley, Bill Jeshewski, Lyle Davidson, Glen Mead, Roy Cushway
Front: Hank Batt, Marty Steiger, John Datskiw, Bob Turner (Inst), Murray Sutherland (Inst), Bob Power, Bruce McEwen, Sid Bowers

Roy Cushway collection / Nels Harvey Photo

1959 Winnipeg IFR course
Back: Harold Mengel, Bill Schwartz, Art Derbyshire, Bill Cottrell, W. (Bill) Choladylo, Elmer H. Tomesek, Kjell Sundin, Al Sutherland
Front: Dick Carriere, Archie Novakowski, Murray Sutherland, Les Driver, Don Forsland, Roger Francis, Joe Schneider.

Nels Harvey photo / Harold Mengel collection

WG IFR Course Dec 1958-Mar 1959 N
Back: Emil Bryksa, Ron Anderson, Clare Fife, Jim Conway, Scotty Hamilton, Wally Galka
Front: Ray Foster, Dave Tustin, Les Driver, Murray Sutherland, Don Forsland, Ray Landry, Jerry Kopecky

Scotty Hamilton collection / Scotty Hamilton photo

Al Chance was managed to find this photo:
"This is the IFR course I was on, not sure of the exact date but it was in the fall of 1958 in the Winnipeg school."

Back: Jim Allardyce, Al Chance, Ron McFarlane, Joe Mayo, Dale Stinson
Middle: Ed Romanick Sr., Don Wilson, Bart VanTouver (WG ACC), Al Cockrem (WG ACC), Fred Ginter
Front: Don Foresland Instructor, Beth Russell, Murray Sutherland (Inst), Les Driver (Inst), Joe Downey (WG ACC)
   Bob Mileham (WG ACC)

"The WG ACC guys were there to help in the simulator."

Al Chance collection / Nels Harvey Photo

Glenn Schwartz sent in this Harold Mengle photo, an IFR course likely in 1960.
Back: Duane Olsen, Steve Panych, Ed Weinheimer, Roy Cushway, Bill Molloy, Dale Hannah
Front: Bryce Llewelyn , ??, Murray Sutherland, Bill Cottrell, Les Driver, Al Cook

   Glenn Schwartz collection / Harold Mengel photo

Don deCuypere sent this photo of Winnipeg IFR course #8, 1961.

Back: Bert Newstead, Frank Shultz, Gerry Mead, Bob Hearne, Paul Danyluk, Don DeCuypère
Front: George Hosegood, Harry Solomos, Les Driver (Inst), Don Forsland (Inst), Orest Shymko

Don deCuypere collection / Nels Harvey Photo

An AMIS course held at the WG ATC Regional School in 1961.

Left to Right: Les Driver(Inst), Grand Downes, Barry Tulloch, Rosemary Riddell, Gwynn Williams, Murray Sutherland(Inst)

Grant Downes collection / Nels Harvey Photo

A Lakehead (now Thunder Bay) IFR course held in 1962.

Back row L to R: Tom Heinrichs, CS, Stu Dewar, Tom Linklater, Jim McCallum
Front row L to R: Norm Binkley, Ron Hart, Les Driver, Reid Smith

Cliff Strachan collection / Nels Harvey Photo

A WG ACC IFR course in 1966.

Left to right: Les Driver(Inst), Reid Smith, Doug Findlay, Tom Heinrichs, Grant Downes, Norm Dyck

Grant Downes collection / Nels Harvey Photo

A WG ACC Saskatchewan Specialty IFR course in 1981.

Back row, L to R: Dave Lethbridge, Rod Ridley, Bob Roos, Hans Mertins
Middle row, L to R: Nelson Greene Instr, Garry Brown, Vern Warkentin, ?
Front row, L to R: Glen Mead (Inst), Wayne Burnside (Inst), Lorne Anderson

Garry Brown collection / Joe Danyluk photo

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Winnipeg class photos courtesy of Nels Harvey

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