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Nel's Black Book - (141 snaps/6.6mb takes a while to load...)
Nels Harvey      Nels Harvey played a significant role in the early years of ATC in Winnipeg, particularly in the 1950's and 1960's. Fortunately for us he was an accomplished photographer as well and is almost solely responsible for our photographic history. At the October '05 WRATS coffee I asked Don Wilson if he had any interesting Nels'photos as Nels was Don's father-in-law. It turns out that Nels kept a "black book" of new ATC hirees and had a picture of most of these people. Apparently he would refer to this binder whenever he would visit an ATC unit other than WG Tower so he could remember names and faces - very astute.

        Mouseover a particular photo and the name of the person as well as any notes that Nels had included are displayed. Left click for a larger image and "Explorer Back" to return to the main page. I will be continually adding photos from "Nels' Black Book" so I am sure this page will generate many memories for those who worked in Winnipeg ATC in "the good old days"... Occasionally as you mouseover a photo, a different photo may appear. It's not an error, if I have a "more up to date" photo then it may be included.

Latest update: November 21, 2016

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Don Wilson Les Bryan Gord Hole Emil Bryksa

Jim Allardyce Ray Landry Don DeCuypere Don Deally Jack Murphy

Larry Beaudry - WG Terminal 1963 Maurice Fitzpatrick Bill Thomson Al Swordy - VR
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Scotty Hamilton Ed Vincent Ron Hart Paul Danyluk Barry Tulloch

Jim Kouk - QT Steve Zabarowsky Al Chance Les Driver

Fred Ginter Stew Dewar Ken Kirton Derrall Gunderson Ed Kotelmach
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Ted Cheetham Bill Cholodylo Steve Panych John Datzkiw Art Derbyshire

Cliff Strachan Jim Bradley Cliff Johanson Tom Hayes - Spvr Apr 1960
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