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(In case you were wondering, the "W" in WRATS is like wrap is to rap or write is to right. I prefer that the "W" in WRATS sounds like the "P" in Ptarmigan...)
       Retired ATS staff from each region get together informally to maintain friendships and exchange memories and "legends". The most national group is RATS+O (Retired ATS and Others).
For many years Don DeCuypere of Ottawa maintained the RATS+O MSN group dedicated to the exchange of information of interest to retired ATS personnel. In 2021 Phil Gies assumed this information exchange.
In Winnipeg retired ACC and Tower personnel (known as WRATS or Old Farts...) get together for breakfast twice a year at the Legion on Portage Avenue West.
You don't need an invitation to join and share kinship in our great business. This webpage features cross Canada photos which may be of interest to ATS people from other regions as well as Central.
I will post all photos I receive of recent gatherings or you can dig though your old shoe boxes and share your finds with others.

Latest update: March 25, 2022

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 Here are the photos of the YVR OFM group
 from the second Wednesday of March 2022.

 This time the names are included to reduce
 the number of who's who emails... Ha Ha!

 and at the other end of the table...

 The YVR OFMs are on the second Wednesday
 of every month at the River House in Ladner.

 Thanks to Brian 'PJ' Harvey for the photos and info.

2016 West coast

West coast, February 2018
old atc friends John Bauer, Al Chance and Larry Beaudry sharing stories.

Grant Downe's's Retirement Parties - 1988      Elizabeth Downe's collection (uploaded November 2016)

G Downes 1988 - Grant's Retirement from Transport Canada.
Al Sutherland presenting Grant with a scroll. Behind Al is Cliff Johanson and behind Grant is Lyall Davidson. Jack Reid wearing the red boutineer while Bert Puls smiles his approval.

G Downes 1988 - the Downes brothers celebrating Grant's retirement; Grant, Llye and Glenn. Interesingly all three brothers enjoyed careers in aviation; Grant in ATC, Lyle and Glenn with Air Canada.

G Downes 1988 - Grant at his desk at Regional Headquarters, in those day Region was located in The Credit Union Building in downtown Winnipeg.

G Downes 1988 - Grant's retirement celebration at the Assiboine Golf Course in Winnipeg.

G Downes And speaking of golf, here's a snap of Grant on the right, team winners.

G Downes Another win, that's Lake Trout caught at Clearwater Lake, near The Pas.

August 2016 on the West coast West coast, August 2016
old atc friends Dave Tustin and Al Chance sharing memories.

August 2016 West coast, August 2016
Sharon and Dave Tustin.

January 2003 on the West coast In January 2003, Don and Pat Deally went to the west coast to visit retired Winnipegers (if Winnipeg RATS can be called WRATS, then I guess Elmer Fudd might call this group the W-WRATS [Western Winnipeg RATS])... Don said they had a great time but he missed the Prairie weather.

Back L-R: John Bauer, Steve Denike, Al Otto, Len Daczko
            Val Sartisohn, Al Chance
Front L-R: Gord Hole, Jim Allardyce, Don Deally

The Better Half - January 2003 Finally an opportunity to post a picture of the "better half" - those long suffering partners who have managed to keep their ATC men healthy so they can retire and play golf... From the recent WWRATS gathering:

Back L-R: Joyce Chance, Yvonne Daczo, Dianne Allardyce, Linda Sartisohn             Pat Deally, Bernice Otto

Front L-R: Carol Denike and Edwina Bauer

January 2003 on the West coast Ever notice how retirement seems to agree with controllers. There is life after ATC...

John Bauer and Len Daczko share a laugh.

January 2003 on the West coast Val Sartisohn and Gord Hole at the same gathering.

WRATS - January 2003 Januaray 2003 - WRATS Tuesday morning coffee gathering at the Assiniboine Golf Club, taken before Don Deally went west to visit the Pacific RATS.

From left to right: Cliff Strachan, Don Deally, Paul Sutton, Dale Stinson, Bryan Hodge, Bruce Amell, George Evans
Derrall Gunderson, Joe Watson, Dave Mitchell, Phil Gies, Jack Reid, Bill Molloy and Bill Cottrell.

WRATS - January 2003 May 2003 - A Kelowna gathering of Vancouver RATS and working AIs.
Click on the picture for a larger snap with names

WRATS - January 2003 June 2003 - WRATS Tuesday morning coffee gathering at the Assiniboine Golf Club with a couple of new guests.

From left to right: Al Chance, Joe Mayo, Dale Stinson, Ralph Frith, Glen Grey (ret. YVR),
Derrall Gunderson, John Datzkiw and Doug Martin (ret. YQT).

WRATS - October 2004 October 2004 - WRATS Tuesday morning coffee gathering at the Assiniboine Golf Club. I was trying out Bob Mercer's digital camera. Looks like digital photography is not something I should pursue...

Top left to right: Phil Laing, Jack Reid, Derrall Gunderson, Al Vanderpont
Bottom left to right: Jim Bradley, Bob Mercer, Bob Powers(XE), Ron McFarlane
Ron Hart was also there but I managed to "miss" him.

VRATS - November 2004 November 2004 - picture and info sent in by Al Chance.
Left to right:
Greg Irvine (VR TCU), Don Johnson(VR ACC - previously UL ACC), Terry McGivern (VR ACC).

The picture was one of many taken at the Jolly Taxpayer Pub where it has been a tradition among the local controllers for probably more than 25 years to meet on American Thanksgiving for a few pints and then go for Chinese food. This year about 32 attended.

August 2006 August 2006 - Couple of old farts enjoying summer at the lake, Darrell Gunderson and Phil Gies

Ed. Note: "We bought a lakefront lot on Spruce Lake in 1995. Spruce Lake is a little lake just west of Lake of the Woods, Kenora ON. As it turned out, Darrell Gunderson and family own the cottage next door. It's great to have good neighbours!

May 17, 2007 May 17 2007 - A long time ago, 31 years to be more exact, these three were DSCs in WG ACC:
Bob Mercer, Hugh McCallum and Phil Gies. All three are enjoying retired life.

Garth Nosworthy's retirement dinner - June 1, 2007     And no, I'm not Just Kidding, Garth has retired!

Garth L to R: Ron Kozak, Darren Anderson, Bob McIvor, Rod Ridley. In the background are Gary Ross and Eric Glass.

Garth That's Larry Stuart's back, he's talking with Dave Mitchell, and to the right, Eric Glass shares a laugh with Shawn Kennedy and Jean-Marc Clusiault.

KS It's been a long time since we have seen Kjell Sundin in Winnipeg. Kjell retired back in the '90s.

KS Don Mogk in conversation with Mike Langhan, and in the background, Kjell Sundin is listening to Gil Richard - another controller that retired back in the '90s.

KS Gary Ross and Reg Webb.

KS Larry Stuart did a great job as Emcee and he has just presented Garth with his Winnipeg ATC Tower and Terminal jacket, which looks great on him by the way.

NS And the retiree himself, Garth Nosworthy. I always enjoyed working with Garth. Funny, we didn't seem to agree on many things but that didn't seem to matter all that much. And it was true as Derrick Edmundson said, many years ago when I was in the ACC and the Winnipeg International Airshow was on, Garth was given full responsibility to co-ordinate the TCU operation with the Tower and these shows always went off without a hitch. Did I mention Garth is a pretty good singer/guitar player too.

June 5, 2007 Gary Ross and his favourite set of wheels - a tweaked Honda Valkyrie. What a gorgeous sound when he leave the parking lot, especially if leaves in a hurry!

A great looking piece of machinery. Did I mention the sound??? Harleys throb, 2 strokes buzz, but this Valkyire has a distinctive six cylinder burst when you crack the throttle.

Denis Ripley, Phil Gies, Hugh McCallum My younger Andrew son (not in ATC) got married on 07-07-07. In attendance were several "older" retired ATC stalwarts who were on the same IFR course in UL in 1968.

July 2007
A former Montrealer, Jeff Gallant, obviously enjoying retirement. If you haven't read of Jeff's adventures at the 1976 Gander ATC hockey tournament, click on the hockey player on the main (home) page.

    These pictures are from a October 2004 gathering of mostly retired ATS people on Vancouver island. Here are some names of people in the photos, you may know some of the others; Dunc Stewart, Jim Allardyce, Len Datzco, Al Graham, Laurie & Gail Pitcher.
    Larry LaCasse (WG/NCTI) has provided an update of many of the names2faces: top row left - seated between Jim Allardyce and Dunc Stewart is Al Tully (he was my boss at NCTI) top row second from right - at the extreme left of the pic is Steve Denike bottom row right - the two ladies from right to left are Torun Tully (Al's wife) and my wife Gail.


SC Winter 2007 Toughing it out in South Carolina...
l-r: Former UL/OW types; Doug Warren(Merrill Harrison's nephew),Nick Odynski, Harry Thibault,
 Don Parrish, Luc Salvador, Brian Finnan, John Aspinall

Luc Salvador photo

February 2008 in South Carolina (watching the Super Bowl as a matter of fact...)
l-r: Former UL/OW types; John Aspinall, Nick Odynski, Luc Salvador
and Don Parrish. Looks like Eileen P in the background!

Luc Salvador photo

February 2008 Ottawa RATS+O luncheon.
l-r: Harold Martin, Giorgo Zannetti, Don DeCuypere, Hugh MacCallum, Joe Clapp, Grant Price, Pierre Sauvé and Gerry Einarson.

Pierre Sauve photo

l-r: Gerry Einarson, Giorgo Zannettti, Peter Martin and Rick Young.

Pierre Sauve photo

Winter 2008 in Mesa Arizona    And I thought the BCer's didn't have a winter...

AZ Ben Oaken relaxing in the "winter".

AZ Winter 2008 down in Mesa AZ.
l-r: Dick Cowan,Len Daczko, Jim Allardyce, Ed Holt, Ben Oakden, unk, Val Sartisohn, unk (Val's BiL)

Len Daczko photos

AZ Jim Allardyce enjoying the day.

AZ Dianne Allardyce, Yvonne Daczko, Linda Sartisohn

AZ Betty Cowan, Ruth Holt

Val Sartisohn photos

AZ Dolores (Schmidt) White (YNJ), Bill White (YVR)

And from the West Coast, 2006?

VR A fairly recent photo (last 5 years?) of Foster Richardson (UL) and Peggy.

Ron Chase's retirement from NAVCANADA January 2009    Big Bird has pulled the pin!

WG Ron holding a piece of cake with his mascot, 'BIG BIRD' - his long time nickname. WG

WG Ron is getting his certifates and 'rewards' from Cindy Westphal (MACCO) and Mike Przednowek (MATCOR). Ron planned to use his travel voucher in a matter of weeks for a cruise down the Panama Canal.

WG Almost all of the Winnipeg DSC staff.
(l-r): Anthony Guarino, Steve Molloy, Ron Chase, Shelly Jensen, Rob Griffith.
Missing from the photo are Scott Roger and Patrick McCallum - mind you at the time of this photo they were 'only' trainees...

WG Ron's presentation was held in the ACC's new, roomy and attractive lunch room/lounge. Some of the gallery are:
(l-r): Greg, Sexsmith, Craig Brown (great guitar player!!!), Phil Gies (ret), and Rich Winton.
Rob Griffith is sitting in front.

WG Another group in the lounge.
(l-r): Dennis Koroluk, Bob Godkin, Rich Winton, Michael Gies, Phil Gies(ret), and Coleen Brennan.

WG And taking in the proceedings are Jerry Klassen and Grant Engel.

    All photos courtesy of Shelly Jensen

WG Liz Carter, Phil Gies(again...) and Greg Mager,
and in the background, Greg Sexsmith.

Sept '10 RATS September Coffee
We were visiting Ottawa Sept'10 and Hugh McCallum invited me to a RATS luncheon. Great to see old friends and meet some new ones too.

Ron Bell

OW Dunc Dufresne,
Don Decuypere
and Ron Bell
Dunc telling a joke perhaps?

WG Brian Finnan

Giorgio Zanetti
and Rick Young

OWGordon Whitehead
(from the back)
and Don MacLean

OWHugh Williams
"Mr. OIDS" way back when...

Hugh McCallum
and Howard Martin

OWLanny Beischer

A few of the West Coast retirees getting together

VR And from Vancouver Island, aka Winnipeg West, some of the guys enjoying a get together; Gord Onieu, Steve Denike, Al Graham, Bob Willis and Len Daczko

Gord getting Steve's attention!

    Photos courtesy of Len Daczko

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